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7 Tips to Avoid the HR Danger Zone – May 2018

In this webinar we covered some of the key areas to help us successfully meet the challenge of managing today’s employees. This workshop was sponsored by Fringe Benefit Plans with our guest presenter Mr. Sandy Seay from Seay Management Consultants. Items covered include:

  1. Conducting background checks – “Best Practices” and the EEOC regulations.
  2. Exempt or Non-exempt? – The age old question is still right in the middle of our compensation issues. DOL’s just implemented a new Pilot Program: PAID
  3. The Digital Revolution – What to tell employees about Facebook and how to handle the thorny issue of “smart phones” at work.
  4. Protected Concerted Activity – That’s a strange phrase that carries important connotations for employers and employees.
  5. How do employees leave us? – Resignation, dismissal, layoff, no-call/no-show, constructive discharge, failure to return from leave, et. al.
  6. Background checks – Which ones do we conduct, why do we need them, and how to go about getting good information.
  7. Handbook Policies that should always be included.

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