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We value our relationship with your organization.

At Fringe Benefit Plans our goal is to simplify your life by making benefit administration “Hassle Free”. We know you have other more valuable business activities to concentrate on. That’s why we become an extension of your workforce, assisting with enrollment, billing and claims administration duties. We help you become compliant with federal and state regulations and keep you informed on changes in Health Care Reform. We are the experts when it comes to Employee Benefits, serving employers and individuals, just like you, for 45 years.


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Our end-to-end benefits administration software centralizes your HR records online and can sync your employee data across multiple systems, including payroll. Paper forms and files are replaced by a centralized HR management system and employee portal that’s always up-to-date allowing you to manage benefits administration and compliance from one place so you can spend more time growing your business and less time on manual processes.


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Your Journey… Our Commitment

We know you have many choices of who you can entrust your insurance and benefits faith in. That is why we feel it’s important that we share our commitments to making your journey with us the best it can be. We hope that sharing these commitments will make your choice of doing business with us now and for years to come easy…


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A huge industry survey reveals that insurance buyers want one thing most – a timely response. They just want someone to call them back! Our commitment…we will respond to you no later than twenty-four hours of you reaching out to us.


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We believe the best communication is personal communication. Our commitment…we will contact you by phone first, email second.

Your Journey

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Our commitment…is to guide your insurance journey based on our Mission…with enthusiasm, innovation, experience, and expertise. We don’t believe in the words “no”, “not me” or “not now”.


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We are more than your insurance agent. We commit to being your advisor, your voice, your trusted business source. It is our job as your advocate to educate and advise you and your employees along the journey.


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Nothing is worse than having to break a promise. Our commitment…is to only make promises we uphold. We commit to doing what we say we are going to do when we say we are going to do it.

Our Mission at Fringe Benefit Plans is simple…

“To serve Your Insurance Needs with Enthusiasm, Innovation, Experience, & Expertise.”

Why did we choose these four words as the main message of our mission? It really is simple…they act as the four pillars supporting our client journey promise. Together they give you a clear and definable understanding of what you can expect working with Fringe Benefit Plans. Individually each stands alone as a way for our team to measure our service, chart our path and keep us focused on our promise to you.


Enthusiasm is the key to productivity and innovation. Enthusiastic people come across as people who want to be doing what they are doing, who enjoy what they’re doing and who they’re doing it with. Most importantly an enthusiastic person does what it takes to make your journey with Fringe Benefit Plans the best it can be.


Innovation is about two things: creativity and implementation. We challenge ourselves to look at what we do with a fresh perspective — and do what it takes to make it better. To innovate requires that we question the norms, not accept the ways things have always been done and break the mold where we need to.


Experience is the foundation for generating innovative ideas. Knowledge and insight learned from experience are what makes one company better than another. Our experience, individual and collective, gives us the background and problem-solving tools to handle the inevitable insurance surprises and issues that come across your desk each day.


Expertise is a unique but broad set of skills, knowledge, and experience that we believe makes us an asset to your organization. We believe you can buy insurance from anyone. It’s our expertise that expands beyond insurance which lets us explore new conversations and new ideas with you to help your organization grow and thrive.

Let us help you with:

Understanding & Planning for Health Care Reform Requirements

Traditional Group Insurance Services & Self-Funding

H.R. Consulting

COBRA Administration

Cafeteria Plan Administration

Online Enrollment & Benefit Administration

Salary Continuation Plans

Comprehensive Disability Income Plans

PEO Arrangements

Services for individuals include: Medical (including Federal Subsidies), Life, Dental, Vision, Disability, Long-Term Care

Online Enrollment

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